The immune system can be divided into two types of immune system and acquired immune system, which the body is equipped with in order to deal with pathogens.

The immune system is composed of a complex structure that requires security. If the slightest impairment in the immune system can occur, it can lead to various complications. There is a need for coordination between the components of the immune system and the lymphocytes, phagocytes and antigen presenting cells are the agents of the immune system or the defenses of the body.

One of the most important issues in medical science is the importance of immunity to immunology and immunology. Anthropology or immunology is known as a distinct field of study that examines the types of immune responses against exogenous antigens.

This discipline has been established in most prestigious universities at the masters level and above. In fact, the importance of this field is meaningful when it comes to the need to identify and prove the factors that interfere with the functioning of the immune system.

In fact, immunology recognizes non-infectious foreign substances that interfere with the function of the immune system.

Serology is part of the science of microbiology, which in the past merged with immunology, but nowadays these two disciplines are examined in a specialized and distinct way.

Immunology plays a very important role in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and control of diseases, and by performing immunological tests, many diseases can be diagnosed to provide the necessary treatment.

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