About the lab

Laboratory of Emad Pathobiology with the aim of providing diagnostic and laboratory services with a distinct quality to the patients and the medical community of the country with the help of Dr. Porsafi in 2009.

The Emad Pathobiology Lab, using the latest achievements of the day and experienced personnel, has the ability to respond to all specialized and specialized expertise in the shortest possible time, which can help to diagnose and timely patient treatment.

The laboratory operates under the supervision of academic professors and in cooperation with 50 experienced personnel in various fields of basic medical science in an area of ​​350 meters. The center includes the following sections:

Pathology and cytology
General and specialized biochemistry
Hematology and coagulation
Immunology and Serology
Pharmaceutical analysis
Molecular Detection
Emad Pathobiology Lab has the ability to collaborate in various medical fields with other laboratories, scientific centers and universities.

Goals and mission

Providing services of the highest quality and in line with the technology of the day
Developing infrastructure and benefiting from advanced equipment and techniques in line with the latest achievements of the day
Customer-oriented and continuous efforts to satisfy customer satisfaction
Improvement and promotion of cooperation with clinical and laboratory centers
Continuous efforts to increase the level of scientific knowledge, skills and expertise of personnel
Providing services and scientific cooperation with research centers and universities
Quantitative and qualitative development of laboratory services
Observing the confidentiality of patient information in accordance with paragraph 4 of the Client’s Rights Charter, Statement by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of the country